Introducing Bodred

Yo, it’s Bodred the vampire here. You may be unclear about what exactly my standing is among monsters as a human-turned vampire. The truth is that vampires have it tough.

Among humans we’re staked instantly. It’s only a little better among monsters. Most monsters (with the exception of nuts like Revana.) are okay with the whole vampire thing. It’s the human part they can’t get over.

I am very often confused with a human. While to many humans the pale complexion and fangs give it away, this is not the case with monsters.

Have you noticed how monsters come in lovely shades of red,yellow, and green? Well, to a monster, all humans look creepily pale.

One time I was at this monster bar (I thought the Bloody Mary was an entirely different drink and was arguing with the bartender) when this drunk orc sees me and thinks I’m a human. And so do his many friends.

I had to drain the dude just to show I was a vampire. And the draining was NOT pleasant (for me. I imagine it wasn’t great for him either.). Monster blood tastes terrible (That’s why there aren’t more monster vampires). But then his friends got mad at me because I’d killed him so I had to stab all of them.

But hey, that’s the life (or unlife I guess) of a vampire.